About Us

S.L.K FOOD PROCESSING  is a reputed food product manufacturing company based in Calicut. "HAPPY" is the flagship brand of S.L.K Food Processing  and has conquered the minds of the young and the old alike. Today "HAPPY" has become a household name as its flavour pervades everywhere. The "HAPPY" Brand includes  Fruit Jams, Sauces,  Pickles and Linda Instant Drink Mix.

Behind this amazing success lies a story of hard work and a passion to achieve the goals and ambitions of two brothers Mr. M. KHALID & Mr. M. BASHEER.

Golden Memories 2015

S.L.K Food Processing was established in 1987 by Mr. M. KHALID & Mr. M. BASHEER. They hired out a small unit in Calicut, Keralain the year 1978 and started manufacturing picklessynthetic vinegar and synthetic syrup employing 3 persons. Later in 1980, they established own unit in rented premises in Calicut and the product were sold under the brand name “VARIETY”. In the year 1982 the brand name was changed to “SABARI” which became very popular with an added range of products like different pickles and syrups. At that time Marketing was being done in the Malabar region only.

In the meanwhile there was a rising demand for squashes and Jams in the market and production had to be increased. A land in Poovattuparamba, around 15 Km from Calicut city was purchased and a factory constructed in 1985. Simultaneously, the market was also expanded to other geographical areas and it was during that time S.L.K Food Processing introduced RTS Beverages in 3 flavours, i.e Mango, Pineapple & Grape.

In 1987 a new brand “HAPPY” was launched and we started marketing squashes, Jams, Pickles, Soft Drink concentrates, Vinegar etc under this brand in Kerala. Since the production capacity was inadequate one more unit was started in 1995 with a fully automated manufacturing facility. During that period the packing of certain liquid products like Squashes, Syrup, Soft Drink concentrates etc was changed from Glass bottles to PET bottles.

In 2001, we started our own PET Bottles manufacturing unit in the name of GRAND POLYPET. During 2001-2002 a Mechanical Engineering unit in the name of KILBAN MECHANICAL ENGINEERING CO was also formed for developing food processing machinery for own use. Our R & D dept has developed fully automatic machines with PLC Control for filling of Jams in Glass bottles and containers.

“HAPPY” has become the brand of choice for customers when it comes to exceptional genuine products. All “HAPPY” products are hygienically prepared as we believe that from hygiene comes purity and from purity come the taste. Incoming Raw material, Packing material, Quality control checking, online checking of production and finished goods final Quality check is done for each batch sizes and samples are kept to identify any variations of quality in the later stage. Our full fledged Laboratory carries out analysis of all food products at all stages.

Our Managing Director Mr. M. Khalid has won the Best Entrepreneur Award instituted by the Department of Industries, Kerala State Level and District Level in the year 2000-2001.

S.L.K Food Processing has now started exports to different countries. Our Happy brand are well-known for superior quality, taste and at a reasonable prices and are available throughout  Kerala as well as in the Gulf Countries. We are planning to launch additional range of products and are also planning to expand the market to a national level in a short span of time.